• Jill Tovey exercises more than pop culture-savvy in this series, with ultra-imaginative techniques and mind-blowing colors demonstrated throughout the smudgy series. The result is a dreamy, surreal piece that Jill Tovey can be proud of.

    Trend Hunter
  • Jill's got a pretty nice style, am digging every single stroke in every piece, it's full of color and life.

  • Colourfully gorgeous

    Empty Kingdom
  • The work by Jill Tovey is just incredible

    RX Fresh
  • Jill Tovey has some very fine artwork in her portfolio. Love the big, bold, colourful style.

    Dirty Mouse


British artist Jilly Barr’s path towards a career in art and illustration is original to say the least.  Having originally studied Computer Science at Glamorgan and Gloucestershire University and been awarded by GCHQ for research into intrusion detection and prevention, she began her career on a graduate scheme as an infrastructure analyst and quickly moved on to leading a team of engineers in a Global Network Operations Centre.  In 2005 Jilly moved out of technology to pursue a more creative career and co-founded 10 Yetis, a consumer public relations agency based in the Cotswolds now with over 15 staff and clients across the Globe.

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