New style of art - 2015 is the year of the machine.

The festive period gave me a great amount of time to reflect and contemplate new forms and style of art. 2014 was all about acrylics and continuing to learn and I want 2015 to be no different in terms of trying new things.

For some time now I have been developing a new and contemporary take on collages and how materials can be used to contrast the final piece of art that has been created. My first piece is a collage of a female face, made up from machine parts.

As with all things new, I was nervous about revealing it publicly but the feedback and questions about orders have been amazing. In fact, I have already had a few gallery owners get in touch asking about new pieces of work along the same genre and it has really given me the confidence to carry on experimenting with collage.

I will have a few new pieces being shown at the Paragon Gallery in Cheltenham, Cotswold Artists' Show 2015 exhibition and I cannot wait to reveal them all to you.

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